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Who We Are

As content creators working in front of the camera to behind, pre-production to post, January Hills Entertainment has experience in all aspects of production.

Mark Wolkon

Founding January Hills Entertainment as a place to create quality content with exceptionally talented people has been a dream of Mark's for decades; one that he is extremely proud to be bringing to life now!

Mark is an Emmy Award winning video editor that has worked on a multitude of projects, and has created movie trailers, TV commercials, and extra content featurettes for all of the major studios during his decades in the industry.

Over the years, Mark has also had the pleasure of editing and producing music videos and concert DVDs. He is very excited to see what new content January Hills Entertainment is going to generate!

Abdel Tornes

As a Producer, Actor and Director,  Abdel Tornes has been happy to call Los Angeles home since 1999. He has worked in multiple areas of entertainment with some of the most talented people on the planet. Thankful for the personal and professional opportunities the industries provides he looks forward to creating more and more meaningful content with amazing creative people. Currently he is working on and developing IP from books and true inspiring life stories with top writers, producers and networks.

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